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Supermarket proposals to be discussed in Wareham

Purbeck District Council is seeking local people's views on proposals for a new supermarket.

A supermarket in Wareham, and possibly in Swanage, is being considered and a retail consultants' report into the impact of the proposals upon local businesses has been published for comment.

The retail consultants are hosting a feedback session at Wareham Corn Exchange at 6.00pm on Tuesday 6 July when interested parties will be able to air their views. Everyone is welcome.

Councillor Martyn Colvey, Built Environment Spokesperson, said: "Purbeck District Council is yet to decide on whether or not to allocate a new supermarket, so the opinions of local people are vital."

The Draft Retail Impact Assessment is available to view on Purbeck District Council's online consultation pages, at Purbeck District Council's offices in Worgret Road, Wareham; local libraries; and at town council offices in Purbeck - visit our "Find your nearest" page to find libraries and offices near you. Comments can be made up to 30 July.

A decision is expected in October on whether or not to proceed.

The considerations are part of the Core Strategy, which sets out the development proposals for the district of Purbeck. It has to provide for 2400 dwellings plus supporting infrastructure which includes food shopping to support the future population. The Council is also currently holding a consultation on where new housing should be located to deliver 2400 dwellings.

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