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Feed in Tariff update - CSE newsletter on Community Energy

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has published its latest newsletter, part of which includes an update on the Feed In Tariff reproduced below. The newsletter is attached to this article.

The Government has lost its appeal to the High Court, ruling that the cuts to the tariff rates for PV were unlawful. However unfortunately there still isn’t clarity over what the rates will be as the Government are seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. Modifications to the original proposal have been announced stating that installations until 3 March 2012 will receive the higher FIT rate (rather than the reference date of 12 December 2011 originally proposed), however there’s no guarantee of this until a decision is made, which could take several weeks. Therefore those planning installations before 3 March 2012 need to be aware that the lower FIT rate could still apply.

Tmain points to note are:

 There will be an energy efficiency requirement for buildings wanting to qualify for the FIT. This was
previously expected to be an EPC rating of C or above, but has been relaxed to a D rating or above.

 The previously proposed tariff rate for multiple installations will only apply where there are more
than 25 installations per FIT recipient rather than simply more than 1, in order to benefit
community groups and small businesses that don’t benefit from economies of scale in the same
way as larger businesses.

 New tariff levels have been proposed for the other
technologies covered by the FIT (hydro, wind, anaerobic
digestion and micro CHP). Both wind and hydro will drop to a
maximum of 21p/kWh, micro CHP will increase to 12.5p/kWh
and anaerobic digestion remains unchanged at 9p/kWh.

These changes are currently under consultation and therefore not yet final. Please see DECCs website to
read the full consultation documents:

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