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Alaska Wind Farm appeal successful

The appeal against the decision of councillors to oppose the proposed Alaska Wind Farm in Purbeck has been allowed by the inspector. This paves the way for the first such development in the County. The proposal is for 4 large wind turbines generating up to 9.2MW of renewable energy which the inspector stated would make a "meaningful contribution to renewable electricity in Dorset as part of a mix of resources". He concludes also that the "visual amenity and noise impacts are acceptable in terms of development plan policy, and there are no other matters that add materially to the case against the proposal" and "Having regard to all the matters raised, the environmental and economic benefits of granting planning permission for the development significantly outweigh the limited degree of harm that would occur. The balance weighs in favour of granting planning permission"

Wimborne based Infinergy hope to have the development operational by the end of 2014.

A decision on the Silton Wind Farm development in North Dorset is expected later this year, when the public enquiry resumes in the next few months.

Readers may be interested in a recent webinar and presentation on wind power avaliable free from the CSE website

The presentation looks at some of the issues surrounding wind power, including those raised by concerned organisations such as CPRE and local campaign groups.

A copy of the decision is attached to this article.

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