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Inaugural Frack Free Dorset meeting held

 Frack Free Dorset, a non-political coalition of concerned individuals was formed last week to raise public awareness about the dangers which may occur if ‘fracking’ comes to Dorset. The group was launched at a meeting on Tues 15th Jan 2013 at the United Church in Dorchester.

60 people filled the Cerne Abbas Room and a brief slide presentation was given on the subject followed by a Q & A session and some very lively discussion.

‘Fracking’ or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of extracting methane gas from shale rocks by blasting with a mixture of water and chemicals under high pressure. It is widely used in the USA where it has been implicated in the pollution of drinking water supplies. The oil-shale geology of Dorset may make it suitable for ‘fracking’ to take place here and several companies have already been granted licenses in the area from DECC. In the county, 50% of the total supply of drinking water is sourced from groundwater and this would be vulnerable to any pollution that might be caused.

There was general agreement from the floor that any ‘fracking’ in Dorset would be undesirable, and should be resisted. The meeting saw the formation of several working groups, including a steering committee, a public outreach team and a group with expertise in local planning. A website is currently under construction and there is already an active Facebook page!/FrackFreeDorset that may be used to get in touch for further information or to join in.

The public are invited to come to a meeting that has been arranged for Wednesday 20th March 7pm to 9pm at the Dorford Centre, Dorchester Baptist Church, Bridport Road, Dorchester, DT11RR


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fracking joke

"The oil-shale geology of Dorset may make it suitable for ‘fracking’ to take place "

this is a untrue comment due to the geological studys by southampton uni

this study cleary shows the fault lines links to the water aquier , as these fault lines run along the most of dorset ,any seismic activity will cause a great risk to water pollution and the risk of distruption to the wytch farm dorset oil production,also with the current droughs been happening the HUGE amounts of water needed will also be a very worrying issue

you all say 50% of water total drinking water , i find this not realy possible as all water in towns(apart from private wells)is all link due to the mass effort of  wessexs water incorporating the water supplies into one great network no ?


many thanks ;)